Movement and Function

Private practice for infants, children and adults with neuromotor, developmental and musculoskeletal disorders.


The main goal for us is your functional rehabilitation. Towards this:

  • • We maintain communication and cooperation with your doctor and all members of the multidisciplinary team.
  • • We work together with other therapists, such as occupational, speech or special education.
  • • We assist you in adapting to activities of daily living.
  • • We cooperate with and educate family members.


Careful evaluation is the basis for the formulation of an individualized treatment plan and is the main prerequisite in achieving an optimal result in the shortest possible time.

When initially approaching the patient:

  • • We document his functional capacity and possible impairments.
  • • Together, we set our functional goals.
  • • We form a treatment plan.

At regular intervals, we repeat our assessment and, if necessary, update the treatment plan.


Individualized treatment is offered by therapists specialized in the field of neurological rehabilitation. We strictly adhere to an evidence based best practice.